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Premium Formula for a Healthy Childhood

Feelac combines years of baby care with scientific research and expertise to benefit the children.


The French meadows have plenty of rain and sunshine, which promotes the growth of grassland and fodder crops. The annual sunshine exceeds 2,000 hours; the annual grazing is up to 270 days; the pastures follow low-density natural grazing, with an average of 62 cows per pasture; France Dairy farmers are generally passed down through families, and they treat milk like children, only producing high-quality milk.


We are always aiming to enhance our offers. Whether it’s our products for babies, and toddlers, or educating parents, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to making an impact on the field of early life nutrition, we are always trying hard to do effectively.


Our goal is to help babies live healthier lives. We believe that nurturing a child’s metabolism and immune system effectively over the first 1,000 days is important to prepare them for any environmental changes that may affect their health.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!


Individual effort begins with safety, and our employees receive the training they need to succeed in their duties in a safe manner while bringing high-quality products to market.


Our commitment to quality and compliance provides consumers with safe, effective, and economical products on which they can rely and trust. 


The quality management system is more strict than international food standards (Codex Alimentarius) and EU requirements, and it has received several standard certifications. Fully automatic production, complete inspection, and traceability.

Why Feelac?


Feelac is a baby formula created in France with all essential ingredients and organic cows' milk sourced. Developed by a team with more than a decade of industry expertise.


We provide a variety of Protein and Nutritional formulas to meet the ever-changing demands of the food and nutrition sector and its consumers.

A proper nutrition can change your baby’s life

Meet Our Team Members

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